A&O Forklift proudly manufactures the Hummerbee line of rough terrain, articulated forklifts used by beekeepers worldwide for pollination and honey production.

With the addition of the Hummerbee XRT, A&O Forklift offers a complete package of rough terrain forklifts to customers who are in need of a dependable, high quality machine that, while withstanding harsh conditions, will deliver the value-adding and time-saving performance required for success in the market today.

A&O Forklift was founded 30 years ago by a beekeeper who recognized the need for a machine that was manueverable and compact, yet heavy duty and reliable enough to move pallets of bee hives when time and efficiency was of the utmost importance. He developed a method of converting small articulated loaders into 4x4 rough terrain forklifts.

From listening to our customers, it was clear that a dedicated, beekeeper and orchard friendly forklift was required. With these needs in mind, the Hummerbee was born. Since 2006, the Hummerbee has become the gold standard tool for beekeepers throughout the USA as well as Canada, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Sweden, and Australia.