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Versatile Compact Forklifts for All Industries

Hummerbee is the proud manufacturer and distributor of the most versatile compact forklifts on the market. Designed with superior maneuverability in mind,  there's almost no industry that couldn't benefit from adding a few of these to the fleet. From agricultural use like fruit and vegetable farms, tourist farms, dairy farms, grain farmers, and more to forestry and parks departments, construction sites, cramped warehouses, wood mills, textile manufacturers... The list goes on but I am sure you get the idea.

What makes these little forklifts so versatile besides their compact size? You have several horsepower options, different lifting weights up to 3000 lbs with the Hummerbee XRT all-terrain forklift, 4-wheel drive, and all-terrain tires. Our forklifts are not only great in small spaces, they travel seamlessly from concrete warehouse floors to gravel lots, dirt roads, and muddy construction sites.

If you need an affordable do-it-all forklift for your business, contact Hummerbee for an estimate on your new machine today. You will see the benefits of efficiency and improved workflow immediately.

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