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In the dairy farming business, time is money, and you have a short time to make it. To be productive and profitable, you need the right tool for every job. You need reliable, versatile machines that are powerful and easy to operate. The Hummerbee Compact Articulated Loader is engineered to efficiently perform multiple, robust dairy farming tasks. From silage handling to barn cleaning, from lawn mowing to snow plowing, the Hummerbee can do it all!

Versatile and Agile

•    Compatible with standard skid steer attachments
•    True, 21 GPM high-flow auxiliary hydraulics
•    Telescopic boom with 125.5” lift height
•    Articulated steering 
•    Easy maneuverability and low turf disturbance
•    Tight, 53” tight turning radius

Power and Speed

•    Class-leading, Tier 4 Final, 74 HP Kohler turbo diesel
•    4-Wheel drive, 2-speed hydrostatic transmission
•    Exclusive, on-the-fly shifting reduces travel time
•    Fast, 14 MPH high-range top speed

Strength and Stability

•    Durable, high-grade US steel body panels – no plastic to break
•    No-flat, foam-filled tires with reinforced side walls
•    Signature, dual arm telescopic boom prevents load twisting
•    Industry-leading tipping load 
•    Exclusive Load Cushion technology minimizes spillage
•    Oscillating, trunnion-drive rear axle keeps all 4 tires grounded

Efficiency and Convenience

•    Remote, hydraulic tool locking system
•    Instinctive joystick controls
•    Digital operator control panel
•    Conventional steering wheel
•    Forward/reverse rocker foot pedal


Safety and Comfort

•    360-degree visibility
•    Spacious ROPS/FOPS structure
•    High-view, rear-chassis seating
•    Abundant leg, shoulder, and head room
•    Safe and easy machine entry and exit
•    Front and rear LED lighting
•    Tool lock safety feature

The Perfect Skid Steer Replacement

The Hummerbee compact articulated loader is the perfect skid steer replacement with a lower total cost of ownership. Click here to see why!


Call us today to see how we can get you into a Hummerbee Compact Articulated Loader.

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