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Hummerbee Compact Articulated Loader hauling large log over turf with log grapple attachment



Tree care experts face unique challenges with every new job. No two jobs are alike, and no two worksites are alike. To be productive and profitable you need tools that can adapt to any situation. The Hummerbee Compact Articulated Loader is engineered to be the versatile machine you need, with the strength and speed required to keep costs down and productivity up.

Exceptional Versatility

When it comes to versatility, the Hummerbee can't be beat. Our compact articulated loader is agile enough to maneuver in tight spaces, yet powerful enough to tackle even the biggest tree removal jobs. And, thanks to the articulated steering, oscillating frame, and limited slip differential four-wheel drive, the Hummerbee can traverse delicate turf with minimal impact and navigate rough terrain with ease. This makes it the ideal machine for any tree care service jobsite.


Speaking of versatility, the Hummerbee compact loader comes equipped with a universal skid steer style tool mounting plate. So, you can use any skid steer style attachment with the Hummerbee.


Impressive Strength and Power

Built in the USA from top grade solid steel, the Hummerbee can take any punch a heavyweight log can throw at it. There are no plastic panels or fenders that will crack from the hard blow of a rogue tree limb! Sharp stumps, logs, and rocks are no match for our rugged, foam filled tires with reinforced side walls, making flat tires a thing of the past!


The Hummerbee's signature dual arm, telescopic boom helps improve load stability and prevents load twisting. The dual arms also minimize stress on the inner booms and reduce wear on the sliding pads that can plague single boom compact loaders. The 125.5" lift height makes it easy to control and maneuver long tree branches and logs. The external hydraulic boom cylinder provides easy access for faster maintenance. 


An industry-leading tipping load means the Hummerbee is strong and stable enough to safely lift and handle heavy loads with confidence. With its class-leading 74 HP turbo diesel engine and true, 21 GPM high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, the Hummerbee has the power to operate more hydraulic attachments than other articulated loaders, including grapples, brush rakes, log splitters, stump grinders, wood chippers, tree saws, tree shears, and tree spades.


High Speed Productivity

Feeling the need for speed? Our 2-speed hydrostatic transmission has a top speed of 7 mph in low range, and 14 mph in high range. Exclusive, on-the-fly shifting improves workflow by allowing you to perform tree care tasks faster and more efficiently.


The quick attach tool mounting plate, equipped with our signature hydraulic tool locking system, keeps you safely on the machine when changing attachments, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. Switching from one task to the next couldn’t be any easier!


Constructed with an open, 2-pillar ROPS/FOPS canopy, the Hummerbee provides 360-degree visibility of your surroundings, making it faster and safer to negotiate a crowded jobsite. It also makes getting on and off the machine quick and easy, minimizing operator fatigue.


The Perfect Skid Steer Replacement

The Hummerbee compact articulated loader is the perfect skid steer replacement and a more practical and cost-effective option than European made mini compact loaders. Click here to see why!


Call us today to see how we can get you into a Hummerbee Compact Articulated Loader.

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