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- Turbo Diesel Engines

- 4 Wheel Drive

- Articulated Steering

- Up to 3,000 lb Lift Capacity

- 126”  to 146" Lift Max Height

- 12 mph Top Speed

- 2 Speed Hydrostatic Transmission

- High Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics

- Foam Filled No-Flat Tires

- Integrated Axles & Transfer Case

- LED Light Package

- Joystick Operator Control

- Digital Operator & Weight Gauge Display


Rough Terrain Forklift Models


4-Wheel Drive Agricultrual Forklifts


Hummerbee Rough Terrain Forklifts have become an integral part of not only apiary productions for businesses on a global scale to local beekeepers but also for agricultural companies. These small but mighty off-road lifting and moving rigs can serve nearly every agricultural endeavor from berry farms and apple orchards to forestry organizations and state and national parks. The only limit to their use is your imagination!

Compact and versatile, our go-anywhere forklifts have thick tread liquid-filled tires, designed to transition easily from concrete garage or warehouse floors to gravel and dirt lots - while carrying a 3,000 lbs payload. Now match the lifting capacity and maneuverability to its turbo diesel and you have a machine that will cut down on time, costs, and manpower needed to complete heavy tasks.

Free up funds and personnel for other tasks with one of these three Rough Terrain Forklifts from hummerbee.


Hummerbee has proudly manufactured a full line of rough terrain, articulated forklifts in the USA for 15 years that are used by beekeepers worldwide for pollination and honey production.

With the addition of our telescopic Compact Articulated Loader, Hummerbee now offers a complete package of heavy duty, rough terrain equipment to customers who are in need of a dependable, high quality machine that, while withstanding harsh conditions, will deliver the value-adding and time-saving performance required for success in the market today.

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A Guide to Compact Rough Terrain Forklifts

Compact rough terrain forklifts, or all-terrain forklifts, are different from regular forklifts in that they're designed to be operated on rough terrain such as you might find outside in a remote construction area or on a farm. Regular forklifts typically operate on relatively smooth surfaces such as a warehouse floor or a loading yard on concrete or asphalt.


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