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Humbee VS Skid Steer_Graphic_150PPI.jpg



  • Further Reach

  • Easier to Operate

  • Less Turf Impact

  • Better Visibility

  • Easier to Enter and Exit

  • Hydraulic Tool Locking

  • Better Ride

  • Better Mobility​​

  • More Economical

Further Reach:

  • The Hummerbee’s telescoping boom has a higher vertical reach and longer horizontal reach than a comparative skid steer loader. This makes loading a high-sided truck or wide trailer easier and faster.


Easier to Operate:

  • Our easy-to-use tool control joystick, steering wheel, and forward/reverse rocker foot pedal makes operating the Hummerbee more intuitive and easier to learn than the complex controls of a skid steer.


Less Turf Impact:

  • Articulated steering minimizes turf disturbance and reduces tire wear on hard surfaces. Skid steers can consume 3 sets of tires before the Hummerbee needs its first tire change. ​​


Better Visibility:

  • The Hummerbee’s 360 degree, unobstructed view from the high driver’s seat provides greater visibility of your tool position and the surrounding jobsite, so you can work confidently and safely.


Easier to Enter and Exit:

  • An open ROPS structure makes the Hummerbee much easier and faster to get in and out of than the skid steer, and has more leg, shoulder, and head room than the cramped cabin of a skid steer.


Hydraulic Tool Locking:

  • With our signature hydraulic tool locking system, you never have to leave the Hummerbee’s seat to manually secure attachments to the tool mount, making it faster and safer to switch out accessories.


Better Ride:

  • The longer wheelbase on the Hummerbee compact loader, coupled with our wider turf tires provides an overall smoother ride than the skid steer loader.

  • Our exclusive Load Cushion technology keeps heavy loads level and steady while traveling to prevent excessive material spillage. ​​


Better Mobility:

  • The Hummerbee’s articulated front-end steering provides more natural, fluid maneuverability for faster, easier navigation around the jobsite, making operation more efficient and productive.

  • With its top speed of 14 MPH, the Hummerbee can cover the same distance twice as fast as a skid steer loader, providing greater productivity on the jobsite.


  • The unique oscillating rear axle on the Hummerbee allows all four tires to maintain solid ground contact on rough or uneven terrain, providing greater stability and traction.

  • The Hummerbee’s higher ground clearance, hydrostatic 4-wheel drive transmission, and optional agriculture tires let you navigate any rough terrain with ease, even while hauling a full load.


  • The standard Hummerbee compact loader is 9.6 inches narrower than the comparative skid steer loader, making it easier to navigate through narrow jobsite passages and doors.


More Economical:

  • The Hummerbee transfers power to the drivetrain much more efficiently and uses a lot less fuel than a skid steer, providing more available horsepower to operate heavy duty hydraulic accessories.


  • The Hummerbee Compact Articulated Loader has a lower total cost of ownership than a typical skid steer loader. Skid steer loaders consume more tires, burn more fuel, and require a higher level of hydraulic system maintenance.

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